Bicycle Rental in Valencia

Touring a city by bike is more than an adventure. It is an unforgettable experience in which you enjoy the outdoors, exercise your body and get to know the most hidden and wonderful places, those that you would not have noticed by car.

In Valencia, magnificent routes, trails, roads, gardens, parks, truly magical areas, some mountainous and others belonging to the plain, await you.

Cauce Bikes is a great way to explore the city of Valencia, one of the most popular destinations in Spain. We help you to get to know Valencia in an entertaining and different way.

Where to rent a bike in Valencia

There are several bike routes that you can do in Valencia, and for all of them we offer you our mountain bikes, touring bikes, electric bikes and tandems.

At Cauce Bikes we value your comfort and satisfaction. For this reason we have special rates and prices for every occasion.

If you are planning a group ride or excursion, we provide you with the transportation of the bicycles, we take them to where you indicate us and, afterwards, you let us know to pick them up. So all you have to do is enjoy. Program your adventure and we provide the bikes you need, for all ages, for all interests and for all tastes.

An afternoon with friends, a weekend with the family or any day you wish, you can visit fascinating places without the burden of traffic jams on the road.

And why not? You can also commute to your place of study, to work, to meet your friends… in fact, wherever you want, you can go on a bike. All you have to do is decide where to go and we will make it easy for you.

Make up your mind! Get around Valencia by bicycle and enjoy Valencia

Valenciais one of the best prepared cities for bicycle travel, with more than 120 km of bicycle lanesand the magnificent old Turia riverbed, now a Garden, a green lung that crosses the entire city. A paradise of 8Km of beautiful gardens, a true wonder for those who visit it by bicycle.

And in that walk, in which you seek to know and walk paths, take a breath of fresh air in natural places, exercise, live adventures or breathe tranquility, spend time with your loved ones or go into the historic center of Valencia and learn about its roots … in everything, we will be with you.

You just have to want to move responsibly by bike and enjoy absolutely everything around you, in Cauce BIkes we provide the bikes you need, we advise you and we deliver a fully personalized rental service.

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