Electric Bike Rental in Valencia

Achieving sustainable mobility is about making our journeys efficient and environmentally friendly. And one of the ways to achieve this responsible mobility is through the use of electric bicycles.

The electric bicycle allows us to enjoy a clean city, The electric bicycle allows us to enjoy a clean city, a silent city, where walking, strolling and breathing are healthy activities. In addition, its ease of use and fluid movement make it ideal for getting around the city or venturing out on one of Valencia’s many routes.

Don’t have an electric bike yet? Not used to riding a bike? Or would you like to do a group tour? In any of these cases, the ideal is to mobilize sustainably with an electric bike rental.

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Characteristics of an electric bicycle Do I have to pedal?

Electric bicycles, also called pedal-assist bicycles, are very similar to traditional bicycles, but with a considerable reduction in pedaling effort. For this purpose, they have a series of features, such as the incorporation of a battery, an electric motor and certain sensors in the pedals. We can put you in the picture:

  • The battery, usually lithium or lead-acid, is responsible for storing the energy to provide a certain range, around 30 km.
  • The accumulator, which is usually located in the middle part of the bicycle.
  • The electric motor. It can be on either wheel, but is most commonly found on the rear wheel.
  • The control system:

      • The sensor placed on the pedals. It is the control element of the system, since it detects whether the driver is pedaling or not.

      • The controller, inserted in the handlebar. Through it, the intensity of the electricity provided by the system can be regulated. In addition, it displays the battery charge.
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How an electric bike works

The electric motor that pedal-assist bicycles have must have a maximum power of 250w. But this motor will only electrically assist the rider if the rider is turning the pedals.

Do I have to pedal if I ride an electric bike in Valencia? Yes, but very comfortably. Otherwise there is no mechanism to drive the motor to operate. In other words, it is pedaling with hardly any effort.

You should know that the electric assistance will be deactivated when the cyclist exceeds a speed of 25 km/h. So if you want to go faster, then you must do it with physical effort, as in conventional bikes.

Therefore, an electric bicycle will always have pedals and, at the time you decide, it can be operated solely by human traction.

Advantages of renting an electric bike

Using electric bicycles offers advantages for our body and mind as well as for the environment: pollution decreases, our health is strengthened and we can save time and money.

By riding an electric bike in Valencia we obtain the following advantages:

In addition, when renting the electric bike :

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How many kilometers are covered on an electric bike?
What is its autonomy?

When we talk about autonomy, we refer to the number of kilometers the bike can travel on one battery charge. This aspect is one of the most taken into account when renting or buying a pedal-assist bike.

Although, in general, the average range is 30 km, in reality there are many factorsinvolved. Therefore, the autonomy of an electric bike will depend on:

  • Mechanical factors. Such as, for example, tire pressure or transmission system.
  • Electrical factors. Such as battery capacity and controller and motor efficiency.
  • Bicycle geometry. The angles and lengths of the tubes that make it up.
  • The condition and type of terrain. Slopes increase battery discharge.
  • Weather Lithium batteries can be affected in their performance by low temperatures.

It is more than enough to travel around the city of Valencia without having to worry about the load.

What type of electric bike to rent in Valencia

Just like conventional bicycles, you can rent an electric mountain bike, folding bike, road bike, tandem, touring bike and more. Everything will depend on the route and adventure you want to do. You can use an electric bike to commute to work or to enjoy a weekend ride.

Knowing how an electric bike works, i.e. knowing the efficiency and capacity of the motor, battery, accumulator and controller, is also important when renting or buying an electric bike.

You will be able to choose one or the other capacity depending on yourvocation for the sport. Because it is not the same to want to exercise for a high intensity of physical exertion as it is to just want to walk, quietly, a route and enjoy the scenery.

At Cauce Bikes you can rent electric bicycles for 1, 2 or 3 hours, for half a day or afull day. You can even rent them for more than one day if you need to.

You already know, you can spend a different and fun day with your family, as a couple or with friends byriding one of the many routes in Valencia, one of the cities best prepared for the use of bicycles.

Are you scheduling a field trip for your company or school? To get around Valencia and its surroundings by electric or conventional bike, contact us.In Cauce Bikes we specialize in renting bicycles to get to know Valencia.

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